Kevin voices the character of Timmy on the hit nick jr. television show "Sunny Day".

Who is Timmy?

*Timmy is one of Sunny's friends. He hosts talent shows and contests in Friendly Falls. He has terrible singing skills but doesn't seem to notice when he sings off-key. Timmy is one of the salon's best customers and has wavy blond hair

that is similar to Sunny's but much shorter.

Timmy is a little awkward, but he comes across as well-meaning and confident. Whenever he talks to Sunny,

he seems to get nervous and his eyes wander a lot.

In "The Topi-Hairy Contest," Rox says to Sunny: "Awesome! Timmy's judging the contest, and he loves you!"

implying he may have a crush on her.

*Information taken from

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